Spanish Language Documents

Addendum for Sale Contract

Addendum for Sale Contract

Addendum for Counteroffer

Addendum For Sales Contract with text lines

Addendum For Sales Contract WITHOUT TEXT LINES

Addendum Regarding Homeowners Association Documents

Agreement Regarding Personal Property

Anti Fraud Disclosure Statement

BIA Addendum to the Residential Sales Contract

Broker Saleman Contract

Condominium Sellers Certificate

Consumer Reference Guide

Contingency of Sale/Closing of Buyer’s Property

Contractual Clauses with Updates

Covid-19 Addendum

Delayed Possession Agreement

Disclosure Format for Pre-1978 Housing Rental and Leases Disclosure of Information Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Exclusive Buyer Agency Contract

Farm Addendum

Kentucky Fair Housing Explained

Listing Distribution Opt Out

Land/Lot Input Sheet

Lead Base Paint

Lease-Security Deposits


Management Agreement

Multiple Listing Change Notice

Modification of Multiple Listing Contract

Multiple Listing Contract

Multiple Listing Residential Leasing Contract

Mutual Agreement, Release & Hold Harmless (4-2020) (Single family)

Notification to Buyer that Another Offer Has Been Conditionally Accepted

Notification of, and Request for, Repairs Corrections or Replacements

Notification of Release of Contingency of Sale of Buyers Property

Office Exclusive Listings

One-Time Showing Agreement/Authorization

Property Showing and Offer Response Restriction Form

Rental Input Sheet

Residential Input Sheet

Residential Sales Contract

Realtors/Builder Agreement

Seller Request to Withhold photos or sellers disclosure

Sellers Disclosure

FAQ-Short Sale

Smoke Detector Affidavit

Temporary off the market

Termination, Release, and Rescission of Contract

Vacant Land Contract FINAL