Selling a Home

With the wealth of information REALTORS have access to, they are the go-to resource when you’re selling a home. Before putting a home on the market, contact your local REALTOR for more information on a starting price point, your home’s true value and more. Continue reading for more knowledge on planning your way through the sale of a home.

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Choose a REALTOR

REALTORS have access to the best insights, trends and statistics pertaining to the Louisville metro area. They can provide the best guidance and knowledge you’re buying a home. To choose a REALTOR, ask tough questions, find someone who understands your exact needs and get the details on how they conduct business. This is one of the biggest purchases you may make, so make sure your REALTOR is there to help. To find out which REALTOR can help you navigate the home buying market, visit our Find a REALTOR page.

The Home Selling Process