Negotiating the Offer

Finalizing and negotiating an offer is just as tough for the seller as it is for the buyer. REALTORS are here to make the process flow as smooth as possible.

First, it is important to establish a timeline and goals as the seller. Inform the buyer of this information up front. That way, both parties stay on the same page throughout negotiations.

When it comes to the first offer, many times buyers will submit a low-ball offer in an effort to get the best deal. This is nothing personal, but rather a negotiating tactic, so treat it as such. Emotions are running high during this time, but it is important not to let them take over. Plus, as the seller, you have the final say.

Whether it’s a quick close or the highest dollar value that is needed, make sure to stay true to the goals outlined during the start of this process. Still, flexibility is important during this time. Not everything needs to go exactly according to plan. Certain dates may, for various reasons, be delayed or even sped up. Take it all in stride.

Finally, as the sale enters the final stages, make sure every detail from dates to price to what stays with the house is clearly defined and in writing. Leave the surprises for a birthday party.

Let a professional REALTOR help you negotiate the final sale. That is their job after all.