REALTORS can help new buyers and sellers with everything from finding the right lender to providing advanced marketing support.

Provide Financial Guidance

Financially, a REALTOR can help the buyer find the right lender for their home mortgage. REALTORS have been through the home selling transaction before and know where to go for the best rates for each unique buyer. With just a little information on the buyer’s financial situation, how much they have in savings versus debt, REALTORS can find the buyer the best lending fit.

Nail the Negotiations

REALTORS are expert negotiators. The Priceline negotiator has nothing on them. REALTORS can negotiate more than just the price, though. They can get a better closing date, lending terms and inclusion or exclusion of repair costs. When it comes to submitting the right offer, ask a REALTOR for the vast resources they have on pricing, value and much more. Whether that’s a Comparative Market Analysis or detailed data on the neighborhood, the more the buyer knows, the smoother the process will go. After all, you wouldn’t take a tour without the tour guide, so don’t buy or sell a house without the real estate guide.

Offer Professional Resources

The resources available to REALTORS are like a library of inside information on the local real estate market. They have access to homes that may not have hit the market yet, or passive sellers. REALTORS have the most up-to-date information on competing homes, financing and everything else happening in today’s ever-changing market. Selling a home with a REALTOR has the added benefit of marketing a home not only to the general public, but to other REALTORS as well. Many home sales are the result of this tactic and close as co-ops, a deal between two REALTORS.

Supply Objectivity

A home may hold significant sentimental value. As a seller, it can be easy to overlook a home’s flaws. As a buyer, you may fall so in love with the perfect home that you do the same, overlooking issues that still need to be resolved. That’s where a REALTOR’s expertise comes in. They are there to provide objective opinions on the home and its true value. REALTORS have done their due diligence on each property that they help buy or sell. This includes termite inspections, roof exams and structure testing. REALTORS ensure they are fully confident each transaction fulfills their high standards.

Operate with High Ethical Standards

REALTORS operate on a strict code of ethics, so each buyer and seller should be confident that with the help of a REALTOR, they are getting the best deal available. To find the perfect REALTOR for buying or selling a home, visit our Find a REALTOR page.

Choosing a REALTOR