As a REALTOR®, it’s important you have a personal safety protocol in place that you use every day with every client, like when meeting new clients, showing properties or sharing information online. The National Association of REALTORS has a variety of tools you can add to your personal safety protocol. To view their full safety resource page for REALTORS, click here.

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Safety Products

There are numerous products available to help keep you safe on the job as well including:

  • AlertID
  • AngelGuard
  • Mace Alert 911
  • Prop Lock
  • TigerLady
  • V.ALRT
  • Women on Guard

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Safety Apps for Smart Phones

  • Agents Armor
  • Bmonitored
  • Client Interactive
  • Tracking App
  • HomeSnap Pro
  • LifeLine Response
  • MyForce App
  • OnGuardHelp
  • People Smart
  • React Mobile
  • Real Alert
  • Safe Fi
  • SafetyIQ

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