Marketing and Showing

Making your home look as beautiful as possible is one of the first things to take care of as a seller. Make your home as clean as possible on both the inside and outside. Then, ask your REALTOR to help identify the aspects of your home that will photograph the best and make it stand out to potential buyers. Photographs of the home give you and your REALTOR another opportunity to showcase the home online.

More and more buyers take the first step in home shopping by looking online. Some tips REALTORS often give new sellers include adding a floral arrangement to an otherwise dull room, and taking the photographs in the spring or fall when the landscaping is still in bloom. For more information on making your home an attractive buy, contact a local REALTOR.


The REALTOR will handle the showing. When it comes time for potential buyers to visit, keep these tips from REALTORS in mind.

  • Leave the property and let the professional take care of business. This allows the visitor to ask questions and explore freely.
  • Bake cookies just before visitors arrive to give your home a fresh scent.
  • Avoid air fresheners, as many visitors will think the seller is trying to hide something. Other visitors may even be allergic to such fragrances.

As always, make sure the home is as clean and clutter-free as possible. Visitors want to envision themselves in the space, not look at pictures of the previous owner. Plus, don’t forget to take care of the following matters:

  • Remove all pets from the property. Some visitors will be allergic, plus there is nothing worse than a barking dog at a showing.
  • Open the blinds.
  • Keep the house well lit both on the inside and out. This will help visitors feel safe and comfortable on a new property.

Remember, it could be the smallest thing that turns off potential buyers.