Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Once a house is on the market, a showing may be scheduled with little notice. So make sure it’s always ready for each showing. With help from your REALTOR and a little elbow grease, the home can be quickly prepared.

Here are some tips to get you started.


  • De-clutter shelves, counters and closets
  • Get your floors professionally cleaned
  • Apply fresh, neutral-colored paint
  • Complete a deep clean (counters, baseboards, drapes, etc.)


  • Keep the lawn and edges trimmed
  • Repair cracks in siding, sidewalks and foundation
  • Remove trash, debris, toys or other unnecessary items in the yard
  • Paint doors and shutters
  • Power-wash the roof

For more ideas on increasing your home’s curb appeal and interior friendliness, contact a local REALTOR.