GLARPAC Contributors

GLARPAC Mission: To support and promote candidates, issues, and policies which enhance and protect the real estate industry.

2020 GLARPAC Contributors

Big Blue R – $1500

Catherine Corbett
Ann Elizabeth Delahanty
Elizabeth Monarch
Judie Parks

Sterling R – $1000 – $1499

Lamont Breland
Brad DeVries
Donna Gordon-Willoughby
Carter Martin, Jr.
Rue Mc Farland
Guy Montgomery
Dave Parks
Lester Sanders
Rebecca Smith
John Weikel

Pearl R $250 -$499

Scott Panella

Commonwealth Club $99 -$249

Dann Cann
Sara Carpenter
Steve Cassin
William Fischer
William Friel
Cindy Hack
Susan Hatton
Chris Hembree
Andrea Murphy
Douglas Myers
Claire Schenk
Lisa Stephenson

Jockey Club $20 -$98

Click here for a list of Jockey Club contributors.