Professionalism Videos

It’s not Reality TV, it’s Realty TV!

What do your Buyers need from you?  What about your Sellers?  How should you interact with your fellow real estate professionals?  All these questions and more are answered in this new GLAR Video Series!  These short 2-3 minute vidoes are not only funny, but you’ll learn something too!  We’ve covered the topics that the NAR Home Buyers and Sellers Profile reported as the top things that buyers and sellers want from you.

Video 1: The Wrong Way to Handle Agent to Agent Communications

Video 2: When Clients do Their “Own” Homework

Video 3:  Are You Acting in Your Client’s Best Interest?

Video 4:  REALTORS Behaving Badly – Part 1

Video 5:  Impatient Client with a Burner Phone – Uh Oh!

Video 6:  Don’t Lose Your Client

Video 7:  Thou Shall Not Poacheth They Fellow Agent’s Client

Video 8: REALTORS Behaving Badly – Part 2

Video 9:  A Marketing Disaster

Video 10: Clients Want Their Home Sold in a Week!

Video 11:  Outlandish Negotiations – They Want WHAT?