December 2021 Events

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1Studio16 Event Kentucky CoreCommunity Outreach CommitteeFines Committee2Studio16 Event 1031 ExchangesSellers Disclosure and Procuring Cause3Studio16 Event 4
56KYR 2022 Leadership Meeting KREC License Compliance Learning the FLEX MLS System7KYR Installation Dinner for President Elect Mike InmanKYR 2022 Leadership Meeting Real Estate & Insurance- The Odd CoupleMLS Improvement Committee MeetingAgency Law in Kentucky8KYR 2022 Leadership Meeting Using Reverse MortgagesThe KREC's Top 10 ListForms Committee Meeting9V.A. Boot CampMediation, Arbitration & Litigation: What is the Difference?10Real Estate Accelerate MSI Board of Directors Meeting 11
1213Death, Divorce and Taxes Transaction Desk/Authentisign14Finance and Executive Committee Meeting Ethics: Here and NowWomen's Council of Realtors MeetingAdvertising Laws & Ethics15Closing Day Success 16GLAR Board of Directors MeetingMind Your BusinessUnderstanding the GLAR Sales Contract17Affiliate Council MeetingMatterport Filming18
1920You Before MeCode of Ethics: A Promise of Professionalism 21Kentucky Core22Advertising Laws & Ethics23GLAR Office Closed24GLAR Office Closed 25
2627282930GLAR Office Closed 31GLAR Office Closed