October 2021 Events

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34Fair Housing Agency Law and Disclosures 5KREC License Compliance (required PLE class)Real Property Titled in Estate or Trust6Contract Law and TheoryAdvertising Laws & EthicsForms Committee Meeting7GLAR Board of Director's Retreat Limiting Referral Liability, Happy Home Inspections and What a Home Inspection Isn't Safety in the Real Estate World8GRI 400: Finance 9
1011Landlord Tenant LawListing & Sales Contracts12The Older Client & the Real Estate Agent MLS Improvement CommitteeTitle Issues13 Disclosures: Required, Allowed and Prohibited14Mortgage Pitfalls Using RPR to Better Serve Buyers and Sellers15Recent KREC Cases16
171819MSI Board of Directors Meeting Appraising in an Overheated Market20Código ético en españolPresenting Multiple Offers & the Agency Forms2122Real Estate Accelerate 23
2425Closing Day Success 26Learning the FLEX MLS SystemFinance and Executive Committee Meeting Fraud Law and Sellers Disclosures27 Transaction Desk/AuthentisignUnderstanding the GLAR Sales Contract28KYR Annual Convention & ExpoKentucky CoreGLAR Board of Directors Meeting YPN Committee Meeting29HOLD - Meeting Room 107Leadership Institute Class 30