Post License Education (PLE)

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2 WEEK PLE ACCELERATOR – November 6 – 16, 2023
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PLE is required for new Sales Associates Licensees licensed after January 1, 2016.

  • Calendar begins the day Licensee affiliates with a Principal Broker
  • Calendar is 24 months from start date
  • Inactive Licensees are NOT exempt from PLE!
  • No PLE credit given for duplicate courses
  • No more than 9 hours of PLE may be taken in 24 hour period
  • PLE Delinquency = License Cancellation!


32 Mandatory PLE Hours

  • 3 hour KREC Licensee Compliance
  • 6 hours in Agency
  • 6 hours in Contracts
  • 3 hours in Finance
  • 3 hours in Advertising
  • 3 hours in Disclosures
  • 3 hours in Fair Housing
  • 3 hours in Technology and Data Security
  • 2 hours in Risk Management

AND 16 Elective PLE Credit Hours


Post License Education (PLE)

​Post-license education requires all new sales associate licensees to complete forty-eight (48) hours of post-license education courses within two (2) years of obtaining and activating a real estate license.

Who Needs PLE?

  • PLE applies to new sales associate licensees who received and activated their real estate license after January 1, 2016.
  • Sales associate licensees who receive their license through the license recognition process are also required to take PLE.
  • Sales associate licensed prior to January 1, 2016, are not required to complete PLE.
  • New broker licensees are not required to complete PLE.

How does inactivating your license affect the PLE requirement?

  • The 2-year deadline for the PLE requirements begins to run once a new sales associate licensee affiliates with a principal broker. So, if you immediately place your license into inactive status you are not required to start completing your PLE requirements.
  • IMPORTANT: Once you affiliate your new sales associate license with a principal broker, your 2-year clock to complete the 48-hour requirement begins to run and cannot be paused or stopped if you decide to inactivate your license after having been affiliated with a principal broker. You will need to complete these requirements even while your license is inactive or risk license cancellation.

What happens if I do not complete my 48 hours of PLE by the deadline?

Your license will be canceled.

Can the same PLE course be taken twice for credit?

What else do I need to know?

  • ​PLE courses are required to be real estate specific, to provide practical knowledge of the brokerage business; to protect the public interest and must be practicum based.
  • In order for a licensee to receive Post-License Education (PLE) credit for a course, the course must be approved by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission (KREC) for PLE credit.
  • To receive credit, the KREC requires the following:
    • Your signature on the sign-in sheet. If you are taking a full-day class, you will also need to sign-in when returning from lunch.
    • You must turn in a completed course evaluation and attendance affidavit.

PLE Classroom Regulations:

  • No one may enter a class 10 minutes after the assigned start time. The same rule applies for returning from breaks and lunch. No one will be re-admitted into the classroom if returning late from break or lunch.
  • NO electronic devices may be used inside the classroom. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, texting and lap-top computers. Anyone using an electronic device during class will be asked to leave without credit or refund.
  • Students will receive a ten-minute break every hour. These are the allotted times for using the facilities and taking calls.
  • Students are expected to give their full attention during class. Please refrain from holding side conversations, reading materials other than the course hand-outs or taking unscheduled breaks.
  • No credit or refund will be given to students barred for violation of these regulations.

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