March 2023 Events

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12Chase Bank Home Lending - Room Rental Conf. Room 234
56NAR RPAC President's Circle ConferenceWhat is a short sale? Conference Center 2WCR-BOD Managers- Directors RoomReal Property Titled in Estate or Trust in Conference Center 278Contract Law and Theory in Conference Center 2Advertising Laws & Ethics in Conference Center 2Forms Committee Meeting9KYR- Julie Johnson - Member Meeting RoomFederal Reserve Bank Meeting-Directors RoomVAREP Room Rental-Conf. Room 1 & 2Leadership Institute- Directors Room1011
121314Mattingly Ford Title Services- Conference Room 2 Rental15Kentucky Core in Conference Center 216KYR-Professional Standards Training- Conf. Room 1&217NAR Association Executives Institute18
192021Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co.-Conference Room 1Director's Room | CEO Hold22 Transaction Desk/Authentisign in Conference Center 323Landlord Tenant Law in Conference Center 2Listing & Sales Contracts in Conference Center 224DEI Committee- Directors Room25
262728KYR- Mediation Kathy McGann Pfeffer Directors Room2930Learning the FLEX MLS System in Conference Center 331