The Closing Process

This is the paperwork part of the process, so prepare your John Hancock. Take all of the papers you have to the closing, from the good-faith estimate to the inspector’s report. You’re typically entitled to a 24-hour, pre-closing walk-through to ensure the home is in the agreed condition. The buyer’s participation in closing includes the legal side, signing documents agreeing to transfer ownership and the lending terms.

People who may attend:

  • Attorney/closing agent
  • The buyer and seller
  • REALTORS from both the buyer and the seller
  • A representative of the lender

Closing documents you’ll need to complete the sale and move in:

  • HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Final Truth in Lending Statement
  • Mortgage note
  • Mortgage
  • Certificate of Occupancy (only on newly constructed homes)

Congratulations, you are now a new homeowner!