March 2019 Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1Floodplains in Jefferson County2
34Fair Housing - PLE Package Day 1morningForms Task ForceQuick Response Team5 License Compliance - PLE Package Day 2 morningReal Property Titled in Estate or Trust- PLE Package Day 2 afternoon6Contracts- Laws and Theory- PLE Package Day 3 morningAdvertising Laws & Ethics- PLE Package Day 3 afternoonForms Committee7Safety in the Real Estate World- PLE Package Day 4 afternoon8Rookies Workshop: The Loan Process9
1011Landlord Tenant Law- PLE Package Day 5 morningListing & Sales Contracts- PLE Package Day 5 afternoon12The Older Client & the Real Estate Agent - PLE Package Day 6 morningGLARPAC TrusteesWCRWCR Fashion Show MeetingTitle Issues - PLE Package Day 6 afternoon 13Disclosures-Required, Allowed and Prohibited- PLE Package Day 7 all day2019 GLAR Charity Bowl-A-Thon14KCREA Member MeetingUsing RPR to Better Serve Buyers and Sellers- PLE Package Day 8 morningMortgage Pitfalls- PLE Package Day 8 afternoonMetro Louisville Meeting15Learning the FLEX MLS System16
1718Week of ServiceBuilding Task Force19Kentucky CoreWCR Fashion Show Meeting20Affiliates Council Meeting Transaction Desk/Authentisign21Leadership Institute22New Member Orientation Week of Service-Butterfly Backpack Project23
242526Certificate of Professional Excellence: Contracts BuyersCertificate of Professional Excellence: Contracts SellersWCR Fashion Show Meeting27Certificate of Professional Excellence: Agency Certificate of Professional Excellence: Cooperation and CommunicationYPN Meet-UP28Certificate of Professional Excellence: Ethics2930